Redneck revolution 7/10

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Redneck revolution 7/10

Postby Johan__ » 3 October 2017, 19:06

A small group of revolutionary extremist connected to the armed Left-Wing Group called Redneck Revolt is planing to lay mayhem to Wallstreet and hopfully crash the stock market. Final preparation is to take place on a small farm not far from the target.

More info in the facebook Group

Enlistment fee: 150kr/participant max 30 participants
Send text message to 0737546276 containing: Redneck revolution, your team name and your name. Follow the instructions you recive.

Game location: Safehouse location: ... d12.107386

Equipment requirements: Redneck outfit, Gun! (No nightvision or thermal alowed)

Rules: VSAF trimregler. Prisoners may be taken and tied down if the player surenders.
Semi-automatic fire only. Support wepons short burst.
No medic and limited respawn. More info on mission briefing.

Denna lokal är även möjlig att övernatta i och det finns dusch och bastu. Sovplats på golv. Bärs, bastu och rövarhistorier? ... d12.060293

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